Now, more than ever, keeping up with your competitors and even your clients and target customers is not a choice…it is a MUST.

Back in the day, one “evergreen” brochure or two new ads each year may have been enough, but these days that just won’t do it for you or your business anymore. In fact, just doing something like a brochure or an ad so that you can have something, as opposed to nothing, is probably worse than having nothing.

The amount of marketing vehicles, from blogs and podcasts to articles, e-newsletters and optimized press releases can be mind-numbing. I recommend that you take some time each week to read up on what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. In this case, burying your head in the marketing sand will be, in effect, like burying yourself or your business.

Take a look at your competitors’ websites and your industry’s publications and websites and take note of the following:

✓ Do they blog?

✓ Do they offer free (or paid) information, such as Special Reports, White Papers, articles or tip sheets?

✓ Are there opportunities for experts (like you!) to comment within these or other publications or venues? Good publicity goes a long way!

✓ Do your competitors and does your industry as a whole seem ahead of the curve (or way behind) when it comes to being Internet- and marketing-savvy?

✓ Do they offer podcasts?

✓ Are they collecting names and e-mail addresses of site visitors (i.e., potential customers/clients)?

✓ Are there opportunities for you to showcase your expertise, your superior product or your information?


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