It’s been said time and again that “the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

We may know this to be true, but how does it relate to copywriting? Well…whether you are writing a resume, a brochure or even your life story, it’s important to remember to:

Stay simple. 

We know that beating people over the head with confusing, long, multi-syllabic words will get us nowhere. (OK, maybe to a Scrabble tournament, but that’s about it.) Yes, do use forceful, targeted and descriptive action words to explain what you do, for whom, how and to whose benefit, but say it so the rest of us actually understand it the first time.

Do your research.

What kind of people are you marketing to? Do you know and really understand them? Show them that you fit the bill while also showing them that you’ve done your research.

If the shoe fits…

Make sure that they are actually looking for you. If you don’t fit their bill, chances are they won’t seriously consider you. Say what you mean and say it succinctly and accurately.

Tell it like it is.

When it comes to telling it like it is, it’s always best to, well, tell it like it is: Be truthful. Be realistic. Never be afraid to toot your horn in a way that illustrates the direct benefit of your efforts to those on the receiving end. Say it once, but say it right that one time.


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