The number of businesses that still don’t have a copywriter on board is surprising.

This unfortunate situation arises when companies don’t understand how a copywriter fits into their corporate culture or someone simply thinks professional copywriting isn’t in the budget. Unfortunately, these companies are missing out on a vital piece of their personnel puzzle: Copywriters are important members of the sales team and much more affordable than many people think.

The Value a Copywriter Brings

We can’t talk about what it costs to hire a copywriter without discussing what it is that the copywriter contributes.

Like any other financial decision, hiring a copywriter should be a practice in balancing direct cost with both direct and indirect benefits. Measuring direct benefits is easy. For example, that sales letter that your new copywriter put together just generated 10 times its cost in sales (talk about a return on investment!). Indirect benefits are a lot more difficult to value.

When you hire a copywriter, you get more than someone who can break down difficult concepts into easily digestible chunks, they’re also skilled salespeople. This curious hybridization of skills can further your marketing efforts in many ways, including:

Improving your credibility. Quality blogging is a great way to establish your company’s credibility and attract new customers who are seeking help with common problems. A copywriter can build your blog from scratch or pull one out of disuse, improving your reputation and your Google ranking.

Solving new problems using your product. Creative types think a little differently than the rest of the population, but copywriters have found a way to take this skill and bridge the gap. Not only can they break down complicated concepts and sales messages for a general audience, you may find your copywriter exploring new angles for your product or service in order to open up opportunities you had never considered.

Connecting you to your customer base. You may have done a fine job in English 101, but what a copywriter does goes well beyond the basic. By taking your concepts and turning them into language that resonates with your customers, your engagement increases dramatically. If you want to step into social media, this is a skill you must master.

Next time you’re wondering if it might be too expensive to hire a copywriter, consider the time and effort you or your staff put into developing even the most basic website or report. When you choose someone who has the talent and skill to do the same job in a fraction of the time and brings all the added benefits of copywriting with them, it’s hard to argue that the price is too high.