A copywriter is a word-wielding extension to your sales team, but your resident communication captain is much more flexible than you might think. Sure, they blow away sales copy and landing pages, but have you considered asking your copywriter if he or she offers any of these other services?

Project management. As unbelievable as it might seem, if you’ve got a big project that needs to roll-out, your copywriter might be able to help you get it done. The thing about copywriters is that they tend to know other copywriters and they have to have some sense of organization to meet their many commitments. When you pair those connections with a plan of action, your project can’t fail.

Social media management. Social media is a copywriter’s playground. Even if your copywriter isn’t exactly sure how to price their time on Facebook, you can be sure she is capable. The same engaging copy that keeps people coming back to your blog will have them liking and following you on social media.

Branding new products or sites. If you’ve been in business long, the chances are good that you’ve expanded your offerings from your original intent. These extra services and products sometimes take on a life of their own and need their own company. Before you hire a branding service, see what your copywriter has to say — they may be experienced in branding from past gigs or their own small business attempts.

Brainstorming for your project. Once you turn your blog, social media outlet or other project over to a copywriter for production, they’re the best resource you can find for helping with brainstorming. No one knows your project as intimately as you except for that writer and they can help you keep it on track with ideas that may have never occurred to you.

Blog enhancement. It’s one thing to write a blog, but to understand the gears and levers that help it rank in your neighborhood search engine is truly a gift. A great number of copywriters either work with or are SEO experts, so ask them about writing SEO-enhancing pieces like meta descriptions and meta titles.

Other forms of writing. It’s a mistake to assume that all writers can write all things, but some copywriters dabble in more than one form of communication. If your company needs a video script, direct mail sales letter or even a press release, ask your copywriter first. You’ll save time and money otherwise spent on getting a second writer up to speed.

Creative endeavors of all kinds have the word “copywriter” written all over them. Make sure you utilize your most flexible team member and ask your copywriter if they can help next time a new challenge crosses your desk.