Know your audience and feel their pain.

If you don’t truly understand the needs and challenges specific to those you are trying to reach, you will never be able to show them why you and why now. If they aren’t convinced, they will never become your customers. If you don’t ‘speak their language,’ they will never understand you.

It’s not you, it’s them.

Whatever you do, don’t talk about how great, wonderful, experienced and qualified you are (even if you truly are all of those things!). Talk instead about how what great things you can do for clients and potential clients. Better yet, show what you can do. Even better yet, show the result of what you do.

Put yourself in their shoes.

You may understand very well how things in your business work. But your potential customer may have no clue. He or she knows what his problem is, but isn’t necessarily familiar with the solution you offer. Remember, it doesn’t leave an impression if it doesn’t mean anything to the reader. So if you did something you can’t wait to tell the world about, make sure you tell your potential customer in a way he relates to and understands.


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