Remember when your go-to marketing strategy was to create a tri-fold brochure? Well, those days may be gone, but the brochure – when used in a targeted and effective manner – is still a valuable tool in the marketing toolbox of so many businesses.

When you write a brochure for your business you have limited space to work with. Be sure to make every word count. Keep it simple, concise and clear. Like its web counterparts, a brochure must cover the key areas of your message and your offering so that its readers and recipients know who you are, what you do and why you should do it for them.

Some of the key components of your brochure include:
•    Descriptions of your key products and/or services, as well as the key benefits
•    A specific call to action
•    Depending upon your type of business, testimonials may be quite effective
•    Bio and “about us” information if applicable
•    All of your contact information (be sure to double- and triple-check it all!)

Also, your brochure should be as visually-friendly and easy-to-scan as your website is. Subheads, headlines, bullet points and a logical progression of the message throughout the sections all matter!

Thinking about using some print-based marketing as part of your strategy? Need a brochure writer? Let’s talk! Contact me to discuss these or other copywriting-related ideas in more depth.