What’s wrong with a lot of hype and “fantastic” claims about a product? Plenty.

Your potential buyers, customers and clients aren’t stupid, so it’s best not to talk to them as if they were. Don’t make a claim you can’t authenticate with documentation or an objective test. This is fairly simple – it means don’t lie. It doesn’t work, plus it really isn’t legal And, have I mentioned…it doesn’t work?

Know your limitations. There are plenty of “hypers” out there, selling a “miracle” pill, weight-loss machine, slicer/dicer, you name it. But just take the time to look closely at the next 20 or so ads, articles and web pages you see and you’ll very likely realize that most companies play it safe, and more often than not, they are “keeping it real.”

Real sells. The smart and successful organizations want your business and your repeat business – and they want you to tell your friends to do business with them as well. Repeat and referral customers form a company’s foundation, while first-time and one-time customers are often acquired at a loss.

Fuzzy just won’t do. Don’t make a claim and surround it with vague qualifiers. It’s far preferable to concentrate your efforts on claims that are honest and objective – ones that can be tested and proven to be true or false. What will “fuzzy”  get you? Prospective buyers who are turned off, confusion all around and, to boot, a possible lawsuit. Who needs any of that?!

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