Social media is a powerful trend in marketing today.

It has revolutionized the way businesses market on multiple levels. The playing field has been levels — a regular person with an Internet connection can do it from home. What is the big difference? Good social media content might just make the difference.

Ask your favorite copywriter if they write for social media. A good copywriter can help with your social media copywriting efforts.

It’s about community. Potential customers in this media tend to give a better response to more personal types of writing than the more persuasive approach to content that some marketers use. You should try to build a sense of community with your posts and a pleasant atmosphere and not expect to get customers right away.

No one goes to Facebook after a hard day’s work to buy something. Most people go there to relax and catch up with friends (and kill time). Use what you post to build a sense of community and create a pleasant environment. Have in mind that your audience wants to feel like they are speaking to a real person. Make sure not to be self-promotional, treat them as friends and talk like real people do.

Follow your audience’s feedback. Always pay attention to posts that got the most responses, so you can give your audience more of the same. Where posts did not get the expected attention, you can rethink them and post better ones next time.

Make it quick and powerful. Keep things short and simple. People don’t have the time or attention span to read paragraph after paragraph of explanation. Share stories, be succinct, use video and photos too.

And ultimately, make sure that your content is worth sharing.