You and your organization are full of great content ideas. If you know where to look – and how (and who) to ask – you will likely find tons of ideas and other fodder that can lead to new content for blog posts, ebooks, white papers, social media posts and more.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Interview someone important – Whether you reach out to an important person on your staff, or interview an industry expert, you can use this interview as a source for multiple types of content. Publish a blog post series based on the interview and highlight each important point that the expert covered. You can also use this interview for a press release and to build social buzz about your company.

Connect with customer service – Anyone who works in the area of customer service in your company can provide a wealth of information. They are on the front lines of the feedback from your customers, so they know the top questions and problems that need to be answered in your content. Ask your customer service people how they answer the most common questions and then make sure you have an FAQ page, blog series or both to cover the answers.

Make use of case studies – If you’ve got some great testimonials and success stories, they deserve a place on your website and in your blog. Gather up your best success stories and create full-fledged case studies out of them. Post them on your website, promote them through press releases and publicize them on social media.

There is a great deal of content inside of your own organization that you can use right now to improve and immediately add to your content on your website and in social media.