Content vehicles, such as your blog, are like beasts with never-ending appetites.

But do you always have to create new content for your audience? Not necessarily. If you’re using your editorial calendar wisely and publishing regularly, you’re developing your own gold mine of content that you can renew, recycle, repurpose and reuse.

First, take a look at your most popular content. By looking at your analytics, you’ll be able to tell which blog posts, web pages or even social media updates have been the most popular with your audience. These are the seeds that you will use to create new content.

Next, decide if you want to update it or create a new content piece around those topics and ideas. Some older blog posts or web pages can benefit from a refresh. Maybe there are new tips or tools that your audience could benefit from. Look for outdated advice or material in your most popular content and make a change.

Alternatively, you can repurpose the same ideas in new formats. If you have a great blog post series, turn it into an ebook that is available for downloading on your site. Or you could do the opposite – turn a popular ebook into a series of blog posts. You can also turn existing content into slideshow presentations for sharing on SlideShare. This presentation-sharing site is growing in popularity – especially if you’re in the B2B market. Audio podcasts, videos and infographics are other options for repurposing your content as well.

And as a final tip, consider checklists, webinars and interviews with experts to bring new life – and fresh content – to your most popular topics.

Remember…re-creating the wheel at each step of the way is not the world’s best content marketing strategy! Repurposing can help open up a whole new source for great content that speaks to your market(s) effectively and efficiently.