In this age of corporate downsizing and its relatives, it’s become a reality, among the first groups to get downsized (as in, “let us help you out the door”) are marketing and communications.

Businesses without marketing staff and/or with budget constraints have found time and again that the cost-effective solution for getting the job done is to hire a professional copywriter. Not only does it save money, but this option lets you pick and choose just the services you need.

If you haven’t worked with copywriters in the past – or if you haven’t been delighted with the quality of their output – here are some tips on getting the best value for your copywriting dollar:

Know and tell.

Don’t take on a copywriter until you have a clear picture of what you need. Then create a detailed job description defining the parameters of your project and your expectations.

Everyone’s a specialist.

Professional copywriters – like lots of other professionals – frequently specialize. Some stand out as website writers, some excel at sales collateral, while still others are pros at writing technical handbooks or white papers. Look for someone with established skills in the type of writing you need.

When you’re selecting the writer and the specialty, don’t forget to consider your audience and media. For example, web copy is usually written in a friendly, conversational tone, while technical books use more high-level language.

Check the portfolio.

A writer worth his or her salt should have an online portfolio. Take a long, hard look at it and determine if the writer can handle work in a variety of styles and formats. Even if the copywriter is a specialist, each portfolio item should look or sound distinctly different, because you don’t want cookie-cutter copy.

How’d they do that?

Copywriters should be able to explain their processes to you – the way in which they gather information and develop the project. They also should take the time to research, using credible sources, which they should document. When appropriate, the writer knows how to identify experts and obtain interviews to get current, expert information.
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