Engaging a copywriter is a two-way street. Just as you look for certain touchstones in writers, they look for specific qualities in you as well.

First among these is …

Respect the writer’s experience

Most professional copywriters really do know their stuff. Get the most for your investment by giving careful consideration to their suggestions and ideas.

Deal or no deal

Let the copywriter know if this is a one-time-only deal or if the assignment could be the beginning of a long-term position with regular work.

Give a deadline

Clarify the timeline for your project. If it’s an intricate assignment, break it into pieces, each with its own deadline. If the deadline you set is inflexible for whatever reason, be sure to tell the copywriter that up front. (Also be aware that some copywriters will charge extra for rush jobs.)

Give good feedback

The first draft won’t be totally perfect. It really isn’t supposed to be. There’s always going to be some give-and-take between the writer and client. But, if you’ve selected the right person and clearly defined the project, revisions will be relatively minor and incredibly productive. When you look at the writer’s first draft, explain what areas you think need more work – and why. Good copywriters know how to keep their ego out of the process and should accept your suggestions as a way of making the final product the best it can be.

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