Can I vent?

Bad writing can do as much damage as bad service or bad products. Although in many cases it’s beginning to improve, business writing has long been bogged down in cliché-rich corporate-ese and a bad case of over-formality. It’s confusing and heavy and cloudy and, well, just weird. Does anyone actually talk like that?

We all know from experience that bad writing – can lead to:

  •  Unclear reports
  • Lost orders, lost business
  • Decreased productivity
  • Increases in support and service calls and emails
  • Poor morale
  • Confused customers and others
  • Over- or under-charging
  • Mistakes in production

Bad writing doesn’t occur just in the office. As we all know, it is everywhere. Words are powerful, let’s use them as such.

I’ve seen everything from misspellings to wrong phone numbers to inadvertent curse words to outright plagiarism. And while abbreviations or casual-speak may be acceptable in texts or on social media, it is never a good thing on your website, in your blog or in your marketing materials.

Did I say never?

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