This is a question I get a lot.

The first answer is that there is no one “bingo” answer. As much as experts will tell you there are rules and musts, there isn’t any one right way that excludes all the others.

There is no magic formula.

I say this not to scold or shame you, whether you are a one-person-operation or a Fortune 500 (or anything else in-between). Like I said, there are times I go too-long stretches without feeding the content beast of my own blog. We’re busy. We question whether writing these posts is indeed the best use of our marketing time. We have nothing to write about. We’re blocked. Overwhelmed. And so it falls further down on the “To Do” list.That said, there is no substitute for consistency. How long should your blog posts be? They should be at least a couple times per week. That’s how long. J If you aren’t feeding that blog with content on a regular basis, it really doesn’t matter how long (or short) your next blog post is. (Note: Just because I believe two is a good minimum doesn’t mean I always follow my own advice to the letter.)

It happens.

So how long should your blog posts be? I am a fan of shorter-is-better. I don’t like 1,000-word posts. My eyes glaze over and I start thinking about what I could/should be doing next. Those 1,000-word posts can be divided into two or even three parts for a more pleasing reader experience. I find that for business blog posts, somewhere in the 250-400-word range is a sweet spot for readers and writers alike.

But while I like to stay in there, others prefer longer. Again, consistency is the most important thing here. A couple times each week if you are able (or if you are able to hire someone to write them for you!). Keep them interesting, relevant and conversational.

By the way and in case you were wondering, this post is around 300 words.

Happy writing!